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Sex For Money

Many areas of the third world and even large parts of supposedly developed countries still offer few and limited opportunities for females to secure financial support for themselves and their families. Jobs can be few and far between and social stigma can mean that women who work are seen very negatively. In these situations, lots of women will turn to their ability to sell sex to men to create security and a better economic future. Some women in theseĀ Rhiannon escort Malaga standing at wondow red shorts white vestcircumstances will offer sex to men to support their families and themselves, but there are also many who sell sex mainly to improve their existing lifestyles. I would suspect that the latter would be more likely to be found in developed western countries and the former in less developed nations, but that is obviously not necessarily the case.

I have a simple view of the world and about people and their sexual relationships in many regards. Taking a simple and realistic view, I believe that transactional sex is not just for Malaga escorts, it is when gifts or money are exchanged for a sex, whether the people involved are strangers or in a regular relationship. For a girlfriend the gifts can be cash, handbags or holidays. In the case of a long term mistress or wife things such as clothing, rent, phones and groceries and part of the mix for what are effectively transactional relationships. If a woman will not have sex with a man unless he provides her with money or material goods, then that sex is transactional, and I do not care if they have met night or have known each other for fifty years.

Effectively, lots of men and women try to dress their transactional sex as something more romantic than economic. In that way, women who are actually behaving in exactly the same way as a call girl or prostitute are able to think that they are actually a wife, a mistress, a girlfriend or just a friend with benefits. However, in many cases the fact is that she would not have sex with the man if there was no financial support and gifts involved. So as I say, for me it is simple and a woman who behaves in that way is a whore exchanging sex for money. That might sound harsh to you, but the word whore and the practise of being a prostitute have absolutely zero negative meanings. A prostitute is just a woman who is more honest about the reasons that she is having sex with this guy, in these circumstances, at this time.

One way of looking at the difference between transactional sex and prostitution is that there is no fixed fee scale for the former and less likelihood of getting caught up in a hypocritical and bullshit relationship in the latter. Having said that, lots of prostitutes have very long term relationships with their customers over a long period of years, and they even receive lovely gifts as extras to their direct pay, including birthday and Christmas gifts and even anniversary presents. I know one high class escort who was exclusive with her client for over a decade without either of them losing track of exactly what their relationship was. And when their business relationship finally came to an end he set her up as an estate agency and went so far as to put his friends in touch with her so that her business was successful.

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