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Russian Competitive Slapping

It has been another extremely interesting weekend in Siberia. This year, the first ever Male Slapping Championship came to Krasnoyarsk, Russia, where the annual Siberian Power Show took place. As the name suggests, the slapping competition is just what you would expect it to be; Russian men slapping each other in the name of athleticism.  Safe to say it’s nothing like Las Palmas in the summer.

A video being circulated from the Siberian Power Show’s first slapping competition follows this year’s winner, a three hundred and seventy pound slapping machine called Vasily Kamotskiy. According to a reporter who retweeted a clip of the new competition shared by a Russian broadcaster, the gale force of Kamotskiy’s superior slapping abilities – and his hefty build – earned him the nickname of “pelmen” or “dumpling”.

The rules of the slapping competition appear to be pretty simple. Both slappers stand face to face, separated only by a small standing table that is wedged between them. The slappers are allowed a few minutes to prepare by dusting their palms with white powdered chalk and strengthening their stance in order to better withstand the blows of their opponent.

Once the fight starts, the contenders take turns slapping each other until the referee calls and end to the competition. Neither slapper is allowed to dodge or avoid their opponent’s attack. There does not seem to be an exact science to how the referee decides when the fight is over as there are no accumulated points or time limits for each fight.

The fight often ends when one of the slappers refuses to continue. The referee also appears to use their better judgement to determine its is medically permissible for a slapper to continue receiving blows.

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